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We are committed to leading people on a life-changing journey to walk in the way of Jesus. That’s why we do what we do.

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Q.  What is the gathering like?
A.  Our gatherings at LifePoint are all about connecting you with God and helping you find his purpose for your life. Our high-energy music will lead you into his presence and our messages are sure to give you relevant answers to life’s questions.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Pretty much whatever you want. We’ve looked throughout scripture and can’t seem to find that verse about wearing “your Sunday best.” People may look at the outside appearance but God looks at the heart. So, to answer the question… a t-shirt and jeans will do just fine.

Q. What about my kids?
A.  We have an awesome gathering for children ages newborn – 5th grade during each of our morning gathering times. Our teachers are fantastic at making your kids feel welcome and sharing with them the basics of having a relationship with Jesus. When you arrive, one of our host team volunteers will be happy to take you to our children's building located right behind the main auditorium and help you get checked in.