Celebrate Recovery

Overcome our hurts, hang-ups, and habits

What do you want out of life? Friends and family? A home, a car and a decent job?

Most of us would consider these things basic, but the truth is, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of people in our area that will never experience or even realize these dreams are possible for them. They are those trapped by addictions and other hurts, habits, and hang-ups from their past.

At Celebrate Recovery, we are helping people overcome these barriers by introducing them to the God that loves them so much, He’d rather die than live without them. We realize that we are all just messed up, broken people that need God to put our lives back together.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, you need to check out Celebrate Recovery. Regardless of your past and your struggles, chances are you’ll find someone who has been down the same road; someone who can relate to your story. You will find dozens of people who are willing to walk that road with you from here on out.

You don’t have to fight this fight alone anymore.

Email Quinton Williams at qwilliams@discoverlifepoint.com

At Celebrate Recovery, we offer the following open share groups:

Family of Addicts (Co-Dependent)
Men’s Chemical / Alcohol Dependent
Anger Management
Men’s Sexual Issues
Women’s Emotional Recovery

Sunday Night Schedule
4:00 PM – Workers Arrive
5:00 PM – Meal
6:00 PM – Service
7:00 PM – Small Group

Step Studies
Call the church office at 256.891.5252 for availability.